Hazeline Taffe Spreads Positivity & The Word Of God In New Album The Holy Awakening

Each time Hazeline Taffe puts out another body of work, she instills nothing but positivity for the world. Her latest release is another album that is a continuation of her previous one and it’s called The Holy Awakening. As a constantly evolving soul, Hazeline Taffe makes sure to bring different genres to her arsenal and each fusion speaks volumes of how talented of a singer and songwriter she truly is. 

The Holy Awakening tackles all sorts of topics, however, the artist focuses on the main biblical messages like hope, grace, faith, truth, redemption, healing, honor, salvation and more. An advocate for humanity, Hazeline Taffe looks at the positives in people rather than the negatives. She says, “I do believe in justice and humanity, and the hope that people can live a life that is the better version of themselves, but it takes effort.” Her new album The Holy Awakening is now available on all platforms so don’t miss the opportunity to listen to one of the most touching artists in the world. 

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