HOWE finds human emotion within machine intelligence in ‘A Yellow Flower’

A sentient machine decodes a sequence of images in order to understand humanity’s relationship with nature.

Working across electronic production and audiovisual art, HOWE channels his love of cinema and the moving image into atmospheric compositions and evocative video work, incorporating crystalline sound design, text-to-speech software and emotive samples into a singular, textural sound. For his first AV work of the year, HOWE pulls focus on what he describes as “a sentient machine, gathering an understanding of humankind’s relationship with nature through decoding a sequence of images.”


Washes of elongated vocal ambience, staccato keys, computer-generated polyphony and robotic spoken word soundtrack a rapid succession of wildlife photography and digital portraits, as though we are bearing witness to a real-time process of cognitive mapping, with our sentient machine plotting emotional connections between planetary stock imagery.


The project follows the release of ‘Rain’, a serotonin-inducing, Rustie-chanelling ode to Destiny’s Child, and Fallen, an EP for Higglers Records. HOWE has also collaborated with GAIKA, GLOR1A and was a guest on Fact favourite object blue’s show on Rinse FM.

‘A Yellow Flower’ is out now, and is taken from the artist’s forthcoming EP, Forever, which arrives on Higglers on February 23. You can find HOWE on Instagram.

A Yellow Flower Credits:

Director & Music – Henry Howe
DOP – Oliver Wilson
Art Direction – Becky Phillips
3D Character Design – Benny Bowls

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