Hyph11E descends into the depths of a parasitic organism in ‘Barnacles’

Hyph11E and artist WangNewone explore the parasitic nature of holes in the new visual.

“Holes are ontologically parasitic – they are always within something else and cannot exist in isolation.” This is the central conceit of Aperture, the debut album from SVBKVLT mainstay Hyph11E. Seeking to illuminate the philosophical and biological significance of holes, over the course of the album the producer shines a light through this concept and in so doing creates an aperture.

“Holes accompany us throughout our lives, dilative and devoured, fillable but indispensable”, explains Hyph11E. “On one hand, they are the driven force for evolution, on the other hand, holes are also the layer of scab that signals growth.” In the visual for the record’s second single, ‘Barnacles’, we are invited explore a natural occurrence of one such hole.

In the video artist and designer WangNewone takes us down into the depths of a mutated, sci-fi rendering of the titular barnacle, travelling through its mouth to view its grisly inner workings in microscopic detail. Descending through a series of undulating biochemical mandalas, Hyph11E’s breakneck alien industrial track soundtracks the exploration of what exists inside the aperture.

“When I was creating this music video, I imagined a group of unknown microorganisms living in small holes”, says WangNewone. “I imagined myself becoming as small as they were, following the light from the crack,  and travelling through the hole.”

‘Barnacles’ arrives with a furious, rave-ready remix from Kode9, who twists Hyph11E’s original into radioactive hardcore and high-velocity UKG. Both tracks are out now. You can pick up a limited 12″ edition fo the single at Boomkat. Aperture arrives on October 16 and is available to pre-order now.

Hyph11E will be touring China in support of the release. Check out the dates below.

Fri 16 Oct – Loopy, Hangzhou
Sat 17 Oct – ALL, Shanghai
Fri 23 Oct – ATP, Xiamen
Sat 24 Oct – OIL, Shenzhen
Fri 30 Oct – Zhaodai, Beijing
Sat 31 Oct – JAR, Xian
Fri 6 Nov – AXIS, Chengdu
Sat 7 Nov – Dada, Kunming

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