Impulse Control Disorder – You Can Be That Somebody

What’s impressive from the start about Impulse Control Disorder’s brand-new single ‘You can be that somebody’ is his spoken word vocals. There’s a problem with most people when they commit themselves to a spoken word style; they think that because they’re just speaking, a monotone voice and a bland reading of poetry is enough. Frank Svornotten, founder of the project, understands the necessity to character act when reading his lines. Rather than coming off as someone who’s half-asleep or bored at the mic, under ICD Svornotten sounds as if he’s giving an angsty speech as the big bad in some grand movie. His vocals change in the latter half of the song to a menacing voice that pulsates as much as the beat does. 

And, speaking of the music, expect a sturdy EBM-centric dancefloor rhythm throughout most of the track. This, of course, is interspersed with plenty of electronic samples and notes, such as high-pitched synths, that further give ‘You can be that somebody’ a harder dance edge. Nonetheless, the music compliments ICD’s voice, and vice versa. It’s a very well built and executed track that I’ll gladly keep in my rotation for a time to come. When ICD first messaged me about this single, he said that he thought it was his best work to date. I’d have to agree with that. Seven-and-a-half out of ten. 

This review was commissioned through our Ko-fi page.

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