Inspiring Singer Ahnwar Yancey Releases New Single Called “Praise Him”

Devoted musician Ahnwar Yancey shares a fantastic new track titled “Praise Him,” an uplifting R&B composition in tribute to God.

The Washington-based artist had a more of a spiritual journey into making music and it all started with his Minister father influencing his passion. Singing in church groups, Yancey developed a peculiar singing voice, which allowed him to be in the known gospel group “Champions for Christ,” touring around the country. 

After experimenting with R&B and being in a group for a while, Ahnwar Yancey decided to take his career in his own hands and be an independent singer. Part of the reason is because the incredible vocalist wants to focus more on spreading the word of Christ rather than being a common musician. 

His latest single, “Praise Him” is all about maintaining a healthy balance with our egos and allowing ourselves to give credit to God for his savings. His incredible voice is highlighted throughout the song and perfectly balanced with all the included genres, such as Pop R&B and Soul. By singing about the might of God, Yancey aims to share his spiritual gifts from God with any willing soul. “Praise Him” by Ahnwar Yancey  is now available to purchase and stream.

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