INTERVIEW: GRAMMY-Nominated Duo Grey Talk Returning to EDM Roots, New “Contra” EP, Plans for 2024 + More

GRAMMY-nominated brother duo Grey – renowned for producing mega-hits with global icons such as Zedd, Camila Cabello, and Sofia Carson – have finally unleashed their latest masterpiece, the CONTRA EP. As you’ll hear below, this 5-track collection showcases their expertise in crafting electronic bangers, blending deep bass and grimy house influences in an accessible yet cutting-edge manner. The duo effortlessly returns to their dance roots on CONTRA, as the project epitomizes bold, free expression and experimentation in dance music. In an exclusive interview with Run the Trap, the brothers delve into their journey and the creative process behind the new project, evolving as artists, future plans for 2024, and more. Check out our full interview below and be sure to turn up your speakers and stream the duo’s impressive new album as well – we’re especially loving “RAVEN” their captivating collaboration with none other than Virtual Riot.

GREY – Contra (EP) | Stream

Can you share more about the inspiration behind the CONTRA EP and how it represents a return to your dance music roots after Grey’s work in the pop music scene?

We were really inspired by tribal and world music. There are so many beautiful cultures in the world, and they all have such a unique sound that we don’t think is explored enough in a modern context. The juxtaposition of something that sounds ancient with something that sounds new is really interesting to us, and it’s definitely a return to the kinds of remixes we were making in 2015.

You’ve talked about this new project being a fresh take to your music, yet while still keeping the essence of what started Grey in the first place. Can you speak more on this evolution? 

When we first started our project, we were really focused on making the freshest electronic music we could. With that came a big emphasis on sound design over songwriting. As we started to move into the pop world, it gave us a much deeper understanding of how to write a compelling song at the basic level of chords and melodies, and how getting that right can allow you to strip back your production. We’ve now taken those two approaches and combined them, bringing catchy songwriting into an EDM space, and we’re super happy with that fusion. 

How would you describe that original Grey essence, and how has this project changed and evolved since those earlier days?

Initially, we were just trying to bring in flavors that we thought were missing from electronic music like guitar/prog metal-type influences. At the time, no one was really using guitar in EDM, so I think that set us apart. Over time we’ve learned how to strip back the production a little and have a give-and-take between the vocals and production. A balance between complexity and simplicity is really hard for most producers including us, but when you nail it, it’s something really special.

We love how the EP boasts a diverse blend of genres – from bass to grimy house influences – yet still sounds cohesive at the same time. What was the process like in integrating all of these different styles while still maintaining that unique Grey sound?

It’s pretty seamless, to be honest. When you’re writing music that you love and being genuine, it will always come out sounding like you, so the rest is just experimentation.

The project also includes collaborations with artists such as AWAY, Virtual Riot, and SAYAK DAS. How did these collabs influence the artistic direction of the project as a whole?

All three of them are close friends of ours, so we’re grateful for how easy it was to work with those guys. They’re all so talented in their own ways, so we tried to just let each of their sounds shine through as much as we could, which definitely adds to the diversity on this EP. 

How are you guys planning on showcasing this project in a live setting? What can fans expect from a Grey set in 2024?

Definitely just wanna focus on the most hype experience possible for everyone. A+ visuals, good music, good people. What more could you ask for?

Now that this EP is out – what’s the next goal for Grey? What do you guys have planned for the rest of this year and beyond?

Working on a few top-secret projects that should be out this year that we’re stoked to share! Stoked to get out on the road as well 🙂 Thanks to everyone for supporting after all these years!

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INTERVIEW: GRAMMY-Nominated Duo Grey Talk Returning to EDM Roots, New “Contra” EP, Plans for 2024 + More

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