Jean-Michel Jarre & Armin van Buuren drop anticipated collab ‘EPICA MAXIMA’: Listen

Renowned electronic music icons Jean-Michel Jarre and Armin van Buuren have joined forces once again to deliver their latest masterpiece, “EPICA MAXIMA.” This track is a fresh interpretation of Jarre’s previous release, “EPICA,” from his album “OXYMORE.” Notably, this marks their second collaboration, with their previous venture, “Stardust,” amassing over eight million streams since its debut in Jarre’s 2015 album “Electronica.” “EPICA MAXIMA” is now available on SONY Music, coinciding with the release of Jarre’s new project, OXYMOREWORKS,” on November 3.

“EPICA MAXIMA” transcends the confines of musical genres, blending Jarre’s expansive sonic landscapes with Armin’s euphoric and uplifting trance vibes. It’s not just a mere rework; it’s a breathtaking transformation of Jarre’s original composition. The harmonious fusion of their unique yet complementary styles yields a sonic masterpiece ready to command stadiums. This track, with its grandeur and emotional depth, is a testament to the collaborative brilliance of these two electronic music pioneers.

Expressing his thoughts on this collaboration, Jean-Michel Jarre shared, “Armin is a rare artist and electronic music producer with a distinctive and instantly recognizable style. Beyond that, he’s a wonderful human being and a great friend. I’m thrilled to work with him once again on this track.”

Armin van Buuren added, “Jean-Michel Jarre is one of the most influential figures in the history of electronic music. He introduced electronic sounds to a vast audience and delivered legendary concerts. His albums were a significant part of my childhood, and I vividly remember my father listening to ‘Zoolook,’ ‘Oxygène,’ ‘The Concerts In China,’ and more. I feel honored that he invited me to collaborate once again, following our previous success with ‘Stardust.’ This project, based on the late Pierre Henry’s stems, resulted in a truly magical track that seamlessly incorporates both our signature sounds. I’m immensely proud of this artistic achievement.”

“EPICA MAXIMA” is featured on Jarre’s new project, “OXYMOREWORKS,” which includes a collection of collaborations with various artists. This nine-track compilation offers reworked versions of songs from his 2022 album “OXYMORE.” Each track has been meticulously crafted and produced by Jarre in direct partnership with the featured artists, resulting in distinctive renditions that showcase the creative synergy between both musicians. The album spans a wide spectrum of electronic genres, including the hypnotic techno of “SEX IN THE MACHINE TAKE 2” with Nina Kraviz, the cinematic “SYNTHY SISTERS TAKE 2” with Adiescar Chase, the uplifting progressive opus of “EPICA TAKE 2” with the Marseille-based electronic producer and multi-instrumentalist French 79, “EPICA EXTENSION” with Brian Eno, “BRUTALISM TAKE 2” with Martin Gore, and “BRUTALISM REPRISE” with Deathpact.

Discussing the collection, Jean-Michel Jarre shared, “OXYMORE holds a special place in my heart as it embarks on a truly unique sonic journey. Collaborating with fellow artists, much like my previous venture ‘Electronica,’ brings a fresh perspective to my music. I reached out to musicians whose unique talents I believed would add a new dimension to each track. ‘OXYMOREWORKS’ stands as a testament to the art of collaboration, a vibrant collection of musical dialogues.”

Released in 2022, “OXYMORE” pays homage to the French roots of electronic music, which have significantly influenced the genre’s evolution. This album is also a tribute to the late French composer Pierre Henry, an iconic figure in electronic and classical music who profoundly influenced Jarre during his time at the Groupe de Recherches Musicales (GRM). “OXYMORE” is a groundbreaking and ambitious release that fully utilizes multichannel and binaural sound (spatial 3D). Jarre meticulously produced, composed, recorded, and mixed the album in 360-degree audio in the “Innovation” studios at Radio France.

Additionally, Jean-Michel Jarre has recently collaborated with Renault to develop unique sounds for the car manufacturer’s upcoming electric vehicles, drawing inspiration from tracks on “OXYMORE.” As part of this collaboration, a new version of the legendary track “Oxygène 4” has been created, merging with the original “EPICA” from “OXYMORE.” This new version will soon be available for commercial release.

To listen to “OXYMOREWORKS,” follow this link: OXYMOREWORKS.

Image Credits: Jean-Michel Jarre/Press & Armin van Buuren/Press / Provided by Falcon Publicity

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