Keinemusik share video for new single, ‘Pay To Play’ featuring Bell Towers: Watch

Keinemusik have shared the video to a new single, ‘Pay to Play’.

Arriving four years after the trio — Adam Port, &Me, and Rampa — dropped their critically acclaimed debut album, ‘You Are Safe’, the track is an ode to 1980s synth pop with melodic house trappings, and is taken from last year’s sophomore LP, ‘Send Return’. 

Now released as a stand-alone single, the tune has been given its own video directed by Ordinary Magazine founder Max Siedentopf, which packs plenty of tongue-in-cheek wit as it offers a visual play on the phrase “ear worm”, which in both English and German describes infectious music that’s heard once and never forgotten. A fitting tribute to the song, which features fellow Berlin artist Bell Towers. 

“In both German and English, a catchy song like this is called an “ear worm,” and I wanted to explore this further in the video. It revolves around a reptile enthusiast with a pet called Little Dragon. The man breeds his own ear worms. Throughout the song he takes one of the worms and places it into his ear. This is when he gets infected by the song until he slowly turns into a worm himself,” Siedentopf said of the clip. 

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