Lesser Care is a three piece from West Texas. They play a familiar sound of post punk complete with twangy guitars and waves of melancholy instrumentation that often seep into the cracks of the shoegaze and darkwave realms. Last year the band made quite an impression with their True Burden cassette. So much so that it sold out soon after the release. Of course, by the time the word was out on Lesser Care it was too late to pick up the cassette. History repeated itself when Lesser Care released the 7″ lathe Palm / Acquired Taste. The first pressing had two variants limited to twenty each, one clear and the other green. In a matter of an hour or two both variants were sold out. Soon after a second pressing was issued, and this time the lathe came in red and was limited to only ten copies. Good luck finding any of these. I guess this review also serves as a warning that it is very important to pay attention to what Lesser Care is up to as they have a penchant for releasing physical copies in a very limited manner. If you snooze, well, you know the rest of the story. 

With Palm / Acquired Taste, Lesser Care deliver a blast of impactful cold murky post punk that layers in plenty of shoegaze influences to drift off to. The vocal intonations are more limited here than the previous offering. The predominately monotone style intensifies the cold distant feel Lesser Care churns out so well. Both tracks perpetuate and validate an evolving sound that piques enough interest to easily put the band on your music radar and explore their offerings further. Unfortunately there are only two songs here. Perhaps a tease until the next release? The good news is their music is available on Bandcamp and Spotify so you can listen and judge for yourselves while you feverishly try to track down one the cassettes or a 7″ lathe on your favorite secondary market sites. They also have a Big Cartel page with some very cool and currently available shirt designs and even a pair of shorts. Happy shopping!