LISTEN: ROBY Unleashes Captivating, Eclectic New 6-Track EP, “Vividity”

Rising artist ROBY’s anticipated new EP, Vividity, makes a powerful impact throughout the six eclectic tracks featured on the project. As you’ll hear below, the lead track, “fade away,” perfectly sets the tone of the EP with an uplifting yet haunting energy over a subtle drum & bass soundscape, exploring the aftermath of a breakup. After the opening tune, ROBY proceeds to shift genres effortlessly, showcasing his versatility with the emotional pop ballad “way too sentimental,” blending singer-songwriter skills with electronic production. The EP concludes with the thumping dance-floor anthem “evolve+dissolve” (featuring Andr3w J0hn), highlighting ROBY’s diverse talents within the eclectic soundscape of the entire collection. Once recognized primarily for his polished future garage creations, ROBY now showcases a shift towards vocal-driven tracks and we’re loving this new direction. Stream the project below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

”I see Vividity as a clean slate for me. Much of my catalog has been lots of different kinds of electronic music and primarily utilizing my production skills rather than my songwriting skills. It feels like I’m really making songs rather than making tracks. I’m proud of where the ROBY project is going.” – ROBY

ROBY – vividity | Stream

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LISTEN: ROBY Unleashes Captivating, Eclectic New 6-Track EP, “Vividity”

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