Miss FD Releases Brand New Music Video In Celebration of World Goth Day

Gothic, electronic, and overall sonic witch Miss FD has released a brand-new music video for her song ‘Summoning’. Portraying dual roles, ‘Summoning’ sees Miss FD transform into an ancient sorceress summoning a mystical being in the desert. Clad in black with her signature piercing red hair, Miss FD’s movements are compelling and hypnotic as she oscillates between roles. The video was filmed at Joshua Tree in California and was directed by Storyteller. You can stream the music video directly below. 

‘Summoning’ comes off of Miss FD’s EP “As Above, So Below” which released on February 11th, 2022. Influenced and inspired by Göbekli Tepe, a Neolithic archaeological site near the city of Şanlıurfa in Southeastern Anatolia, Turkey, “As Above, So Below” sees Miss FD pushing her musical prowess to new heights. Ancient middle eastern textures roll through the EP, combining Miss FD’s hypnotic voice with mystical legends. The result is an EP that gets you onto the dancefloor as it reminiscences on mysteries of the past. “As Above, So Below” is available now and can be streamed / purchased via your favorite retailers below.

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Miss FD is an underground electronic musician, artist, singer, songwriter, producer, and performer. The project began in 2009 and has since captivated audiences from the dark music world with a unique combination of haunting yet upbeat music, thoughtful lyrics, and mysterious and sensual vocals.
Miss FD released her debut single ‘Together Forever’ in 2009 to positive reception. This was swiftly followed-up in 2010 with her seminal debut album “Monsters in the Industry”. Her original style focused on electro-industrial, dark synthpop, and darkwave related genres. From 2010 to 2017, Miss FD went on to release a string of singles including ‘Love Magic’, Down in the Dungeon’, ‘Infatuated’, ‘Cry For You (Haunted)’, ‘Unraveling’, and ‘Electropop Sickle’. She also released two more albums, 2011’s ‘Love Never Dies’ and 2013’s ‘Comfort for the Desolate’.
2018 saw Miss FD combine all her musical prowess over the years for her definitive industrial- rock album “Transcendence”. The seven-track album became acclaimed and loved by fans around the globe. “Transcendence” also included a collaboration with Vulture Culture, whom she would further collaborate with on the singles ‘Ashes Of Stars’, ‘Spitfire’, and ‘Faster Than Light’.
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