Music festival launches Business Techno board game

Business Techno: The Board Game will be available at Poland’s Up To Date Festival this coming weekend.

Following the announcement of a Techno Coin crypto-currency, the Polish music festival has now revealed that this is related to its new techno-centred party game. Designed for 2-6 people, the board game draws on a Monopoly-style model in which players “trade techno-properties, elements of the T-Corp corporation,” and build their own Techno Empire using the Techno Coin currency.

The board game features cities across the world, including Detroit, London, Ibiza, Berlin, Dubai and Białystok – where Up To Date Festival takes place – that are home to clubs and festivals on the techno circuit.

Created as a commentary on the techno scene, in a statement the festival organisers shared that the game’s metaworld “is fully based on what’s around us and we can probably say it’s a “documentary game”, aimed to not only give us joy but also to comment on the reality we’ve built and are built by.”

Limited copies of the game will be available at Up To Date Festival, which takes place in Białystok from 2-4 September. Head here to find out more.

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