Nature of Wires – Dance With Me

The collaboration of Machina X and Nature of Wires does not begin with ‘Dance With Me’. No, their first tango was with the mid-2021 single ‘Within’. Reflecting each other’s talents, Machina X utilized her vocal talent to flow and sway with Nature of Wires’ synth mastery. In December of 2021, Machina X and Nature of Wires went on to release their second collaboration single, a Christmas themed single titled ‘2000 Miles’. Since these two singles, with both of the artists getting to know another better and better, they decided to give it another go with a third collaboration. It’s probably their best one to date so far. 
‘Dance With Me’ serves as a nostalgic nod to Annie’s Arabic dance class days. What we get is a more aggressive bassline than what we’ve seen from the two in the past mixed with middle-eastern instruments. The result is their best collaboration to date filled with sweeping, epic, and cinematic moments – of which is most notable starting around the two-minute and ten-second mark. Machina X’s voice sounds more powerful than ever on the single as she reaches a gorgeous flow with the music. It’s a fun electronic dance song that’s both a personal journey and one suited for the dancefloor. There’s not much more to say here other than that this needs to be listened to. Eight-and-a-half out of ten!  
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