Nene H accuses Possession Records of withholding payment

The DJ and producer has taken to Instagram to share her experiences with the Parisian collective and label.

In a new Instagram post, Nene H – real name Beste Aydin – said the Parisian label Possession have not paid her for her Beast EP, released via the imprint in 2021. Touching on difficult experiences with labels, she wrote: “That being said I want to point out that the Possession label has been by far toughest on my nerves.”

She continued: “The fact that a European person of privilege in the middle of pandemic, where I had needed the money, earning thousands of euros from my own music and still not paying me just left an extreme bad taste in my mouth.”

“On top of this I have been trying to have a conversation but have been completely ignored,” she said. The experience, she said, was “extremely disheartening” and has deterred her from making further releases. Read the post below.


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Offering her advice for other producers, Ayin listed the new music service Aslice as “a really good alternative to this weird business”. Launched by DVS1 in March, the service allows DJs to split a percentage of their fee with the producers whose music has been played in the set.

In response, Possession have shared an apology online. “To follow up on artist Nene H’s statement, we agree that it is important not to exploit music producers,” the collective said. “We did not know how to manage the essential work in the activity of a label nor knew how to surround ourselves with qualified people who could have prevented us from making these mistakes and falling behind on artist payments.”

The collective have stated that they’ve hired a full-time administrator and will be “sending all artists the royalty statements as soon as possible”.


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Listen back to a high-impact Crack Mix from Nene H below.

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