New Andrew Weatherall film explores origins of personal mantra and tattoo

Sail We Must explores the story behind the producer’s mantra, “Fail we may, sail we must”.

Andrew Weatherall passed away two years ago on 17 February. To commemorate the date, creative agency The Tenth Man has released a new short film today (17 February) entitled Sail We Must. It dives into the mythology behind Weatherall’s personal motto, “Fail we may, sail we must”, which he also had tattooed on his forearms. The motto was taken from a chance encounter between the artist and a fisherman called Gerard Sheehy in 2008. Directed by Grizzly, the 11-minute visual documents the search for the fisherman, and features an interview with Sheehy himself.

All proceeds of the film will go towards Weatherall’s family and charities that he supported. Watch Sail We Must below.

Furthermore, Paul McDermott has released a radio documentary exploring the same story today. It features interviews with DJ and broadcaster Cian Ó Cíobháin, producer Greg Dowling, DJ Stevie G, promoter Joe Kelly, Tristan Orpen Lynch (manager of 90s Irish dance act Bumble) and more.

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