Nightbird and Vanilla Trap Showcase Metalstep with Electronyze Me Release ‘One Thousand and One Nights’

Today we peek inside the French bass music scene with a metalstep single by Nightbird and vanilla trap. “In this story, a mysterious character progresses, alone in the desert towards a fief made of ruins and where chaos seems to reign. He is overwhelmed by dark forces that try to harm him, a man dressed in black practicing black magic seems to do everything to prevent him from advancing in his quest. For what reason? No one knows,” shares the Electronyze Me team on Nightbird and vanilla trap’s ‘One Thousand and One Nights’ featuring the heavy metal vocalist Jeff Rackham of France.  

The French bass music producer Nightbird shares on the Electronyze Me release, “Welcome in our world, a mystery world, where Nu metal and Dubstep are united in a dark and magical desert.. Where all our demons come to life..”  ‘One Thousand And One Nights’ is a rare gem as it fuses heavy metal and dance music with precision and integrity.

The music video could illustrate the strength of a mystic desert voyager, as the world shakes around him and the bass meets heavy metal mayhem ensues he pushes forward then as the music turns blissfully melodic the viewer gains the zen-like perspective within the travelers mind.  A reminder of the power of positive thinking.

Vanilla trap shares on ‘One Thousand and One Nights’, “Nightbird started this in late 2019 following a wild guitar riff from a studio session with Jeff. When he showed it to me I went nuts and told him we have to collab on this one. And almost a year later here we are… We gave it our all with Nightbird and we’re glad to see it really pays off !”

Nightbird’ s Metal Flips of DJ Snake and Upon A Burning Body’s ‘Turn Down For What’ or PhaseOne, Hydraulix’s ‘Space Invaders’ or Attila’s ‘Mosh have gain a ton of traction, mounting over 1 million streams on SoundCloud alone.

The mature productions from Nightbird have been released on some of the best bass music labels such as Play Me, Electronyze Me, Otodayo, Basscvlt and CB featuring collaborations with Shynee, 8Er$, Skurr, LOWERZ and ECT!ECT!.


vanilla trap out of Saint-Etienne, France with releases on New Zealand’s esteemed Beatdown Bass, OTODAYO Records,  Dirty Duck Audio, Pantheon : Anarchy and Electronyze Me has been delivering standout bass music. His latest offering beyond this second collaboration with Nightbird is a bass house track with legs, a well-reserved remix of Trei Degete’s ‘Time Time’.  

Keep the metalstep vibes in full force today and rest of your life by continuing to listen to Nightbird and vanilla trap.


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