Oneohtrix Point Never pays homage to Georges Schwizgebel with ‘Long Road Home’

Two grotesque creatures take part in strange and intimate courtship ritual.

In the video for his new single, ‘Long Road Home’, Oneohtrix Point Never pays homage to Swiss animator Georges Schwizgebel’s 1982 film Le Ravissement de Frank N. Stein, the same work that OPN adapted for the iconic cover of his 2013 album, R Plus Seven.

The video was co-directed by Charlie Fox and Emily Schubert and is the result of a summer-long collaboration between the three artists. “It’s a romantic fable about love and transformation, which grew out of a lot of wild philosophical conversations with Dan over the summer”, the duo explain.

“We wanted to take these supposedly grotesque or demonic creatures and turn them into the weirdly adorable and heartbreaking protagonists of this courtship ritual”, they continue. “For a song that seems to be sung by something mutant and magical in a time when intimacy is craved and feared, it felt like a hot match; it just felt good inside. And all this stuff started oozing out’”.

‘Long Road Home’ is taken from Drive Time Suite, the opening trilogy of songs from OPN’s forthcoming album, Magic Oneohtrix Point Never. Drive Time Suite is out now and you can pre-order Magic Oneohtrix Point Never at Bandcamp.

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