Paul Oakenfold fuses trance and melodic techno in ‘Hallucinate’: Listen

Paul Oakenfold continues the ‘Perfecto 30’ celebrations with his latest track, “Hallucinate,” featuring platinum-selling artist Penny F. Renowned for her collaborations across various labels like Ministry of Sound, Simma Black, and Armada, Penny F adds her magic touch to yet another collaboration, this time with Paul Oakenfold. This record follows his earlier release of the collaboration ‘Concentrate’ with Carl Cox in April.

Co-written by both artists, “Hallucinate” draws inspiration from Penny‘s spiritual home, Ibiza. Therefore, promising to be a summer anthem that resonates deeply with dance music enthusiasts. The track exudes pure euphoria, building into a sensory rush that mirrors its title.

Paul expresses his excitement about the collaboration, praising Penny’s exceptional voice and the song’s infectious energy. Moreover, “Hallucinate,” already popular in recent months, is poised to become a crowd favorite.

This release is just one of many planned for Perfecto’s 30th Anniversary celebration. Additionally, alongside special releases, remixes, and collaborations, a documentary titled “Welcome to Perfecto” is in the works. Furthermore, Paul Oakenfold himself will embark on a series of DJ appearances across America, the UK, Ibiza, and Australia. In these performances, he’ll revisit classic tracks and introduce new hits.

Perfecto 30‘ honors the rich legacy of the dance-music empire that Paul Oakenfold has built over the past three decades. From nurturing emerging talents to pioneering various dance music genres, the label has left an indelible mark on the industry. Through its main imprint and sub-labels, Perfecto has been at the forefront of multiple dance movements, shaping the global electronic music scene.

Paul Oakenfold reflects on the brand’s journey, acknowledging its significance to generations of music lovers. As ‘Perfecto 30‘ unfolds, Oakenfold is poised to celebrate the label’s enduring spirit with a series of electrifying performances and releases. Consequently, cementing its legacy in dance music history.

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