picture of D.J.C. “Sexy House Thang”

Premiere: Music Maven D.J.C. Sparks Excitement With A Sneak Peek Of His Highly-Awaited Release “Sexy House Thang”

Daniel Jahmal Clarke, a renowned British-American music producer and entrepreneur, known by his aliases D.J.C., D.A., and Urban Enigma, emanates an irresistible energy that spans across underground and cross-mainstream genres. Pioneering NexGen Music, the record label he founded in 2004, the artist has just shared an enticing preview of his highly anticipated track “Sexy House Thang,” featuring the talented vocalist Bijoux.

D.J.C. entrances viewers with a one-minute glimpse into the forthcoming animated music video for “Sexy House Thang.” Bursting with vibrant visuals that perfectly complement the song’s infectious vibe and dynamic energy, the clip highlights a diverse array of instruments, including saxophones, keyboards, and electric guitars. A talking head takes center stage, delivering the chorus with enthusiasm, while the kaleidoscopic backdrop mesmerizes the audience with its dazzling, ever-shifting patterns and vividly colored designs.

Wanting to enhance their release with visually captivating content, D.J.C. and Bijoux invested months in storyboarding sessions. Their dedication led them to the brilliant Neil Sanford, who was entrusted with bringing their vision to life. Over the course of an entire year, they worked on the track, strategically choosing the summer of 2023 as the opportune time to share it with the world.

“Sexy House Thang” represents years of devotion and persistence. Inspired by the vibrant New York music scene, D.J.C. came up with the idea for this single in 2010 while staying in a modest Brooklyn apartment. The producer crossed paths with a diverse group of exceptional musicians, some introduced through connections, while others emerged from chance encounters, igniting fruitful collaborations. Together, they created a sonic experience that unveils their collective brilliance and artistic vision.

Picture of D.J.C. “Sexy House Thang”

With vocals by Bijoux, “Sexy House Thang” is crafted by D.J.C. for Affectionate Grooves / NexGen Music 2023. This extraordinary song also showcases the talents of Malin Gibbes on saxophone, Vasti Sivell on piano, Greg Diamond on a guitar solo, Gareth ‘Undersound’ Evans adding delightful guitar licks, and Khalid Alzouma contributing with keys licks. Together, they transcend boundaries and immerse listeners in a world of irresistible beats and melodies.

The eagerly awaited single, “Sexy House Thang,” and its accompanying music video are scheduled for release in late July under Daniel’s NexGen Music. This company has a stellar lineup of artists, musicians, and engineers, deriving inspiration from the likes of Telstar, Naked Music, Good Looking Records, Moving Shadow, Ninja Tune, Ministry of Sound, Hed Kandi, Ohm Records, and XL Recordings

Check out the teaser below:

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