Psy’Aviah – Tired (Rediscovered) (Feat. Addie Nicole)

Belgian multi-genre electronic act Psy’Aviah has been around for quite some time, longer than I would have even guessed. In fact, Yves Schelpe, founder of the act, has quite recently announced that he’s currently celebrating the twentieth anniversary of his project. While this is altogether culminating in the “Bittersweet” album, featuring a brand-new album, remasters, and cover version of Psy’Aviah’s songs by other bands, Schelpe is also taking it one track at a time. One of the latest singles to be released off of the album is ‘Tired’. For dedicated fans of the project, this might bring you back to 2008 when Psy’Aviah released their album “Entertainment Industries”. However, the brand-new version is revamped and completely reworked from the original version. The result is a fun and stunning single playing with synthpop beats and electro guitars. 

I never listened to the original version of ‘Tired’ prior to this review. But, listening to it now…Well, to say the very least, it’s extremely rough and I wouldn’t put it on my personal playlist. However, what replaces the rather bland electro song is an energetic, emotional, synth powered ballad. Psy’Aviah gives off a rather punchy bassline throughout the song backed by guitars suited for electrorock. Addie Nicole’s voice is simply astonishing; she’s clean emotive, and her somewhat shouted and clean voice perfectly captures the protagonist’s viewpoint of the world. This is one of those songs that I listened to on repeat three or four times the first time I listened to it, and each time I come back to it I have a great time. Psy’Aviah also throws in a wonderful little guitar solo towards the end of the song that’s best left discovered than talked about. 

Now, I can’t speak for “Bittersweet” as a whole as of just yet, as the forty-two track is fairly intimidating to even think about getting through as of right now. But, if the amount of heart and love is poured into as it was on ‘Tired’ then I suspect it’s going to be nothing short of greatness. For now, we have ‘Tired’, and that’s enough for me. Eight out of ten. 

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