Rabbit Junk – Pathogenesis

Cyberpunk and industrial metal duo Rabbit Junk have blasted into 2022 with their brand new single ‘Pathogenesis’. Combining metal, drum’n’bass, and synthwave, Rabbit Junk creates a track that deals with the challenges of human relationships. While the many influences on the track are numerous, Rabbit Junk specifically called out 90s melodic metal and black metal (At the Gates, Mayhem) as well as contemporary bass music (Noisia, Perturbator). The result is a 200bpm monster that would feel at home in a futuristic underground club or on a video game where a space marine slays thousands of demons. 
Metal riffs in a lo-fi presentation serve as a ten-second intro before a brief pause takes place. We’re then thrust into the full array of Rabbit Junk’s presence. A growl grinds the music to a brief slowdown before we’re thrust into a speedy, black metal inspired section where J.P. Anderson continues to howl. Industrial metal meets dance music in an epic fusion. Various pauses throughout the track keep it fresh and engaging, throwing in further electronic samples and wizardry. Alongside the growls come clean vocals which are mixed perfectly within the song. Around the three-minute mark, Rabbit Junk allows the song to clean up to make way for a synth-based ambiance / breakdown segment. This rids the song of any heavy guitars and instead allows the brilliant synths to do their job. Rabbit Junk then sends us off with one final, rapid industrial metal blast before the song ends. 
‘Pathogenesis’ is simply another thrill ride from Rabbit Junk. It’s currently available on Bandcamp under the pay-what-you-want moniker. Considering any funds from this single is being used to record their new album “Apocalypse For Beginners”, I’d say that’s a buck or two well spent. Eight-and-a-half out of ten!  
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