A rare vinyl edition of Daft Punk’s ‘Discovery’ has sold for $2,380 on Discogs. 

When news broke in February that the iconic French duo would be disbanding after 28 years, sales of their music increased by 2,650%, along with sales of collectables and memorabilia

Now, Discogs has revealed that a 2002 Japanese pressing of Daft Punk’s game changing 2001 album sold for a whopping $2,380 in February. The sleeve is decorated with some unique artwork, featuring the cosmic characters that appeared in the music videos that accompanied ‘Discovery’. Check it out below. 

It was one of the most expensive records sold on Discogs in February, according to the online marketplace’s blog. It appeared alongside records from Led Zeppelin, Motörhead, Pink Floyd and more. The most expensive piece of vinyl sold on Discogs that month was the album ‘New Horizons’ by jazz group The Sounds of Liberation, which sold for $7,777. 

You can see the full round-up of the most expensive records sold on Discogs in February here.

Earlier in the year, Daft Punk’s ‘Homework’ and a 45-minute live performance recorded at Q Club in Birmingham in 1997 were both repressed to vinyl and released via EMI