Richie Hawtin and AIAIAI collab on wireless lossless studio headphones

AIAIAI and Richie Hawtin have teamed up on a new pair of studio headphones called the TMA-2 Studio Wireless+. The new headphones aim to solve the problem of sound quality and latency issues when using older bluetooth headphones in the studio by creating a new protocol that provides lossless sound and near latency-free response. 

The new headphones come with a new hardware box called W+ Link that plugs into your studio output via 3.5mm jack. The headphones then connects to W+ Link wirelessly, freeing you up to move around the studio and jam on equipment or even mix your music with lossless audio. 

Of the new headphones, Hawtin said: “In 2021 it feels archaic to be wired to a piece of hardware just to guarantee pristine audio quality. The TMA-2 Wireless+ headphones give you the freedom to step further away from your devices allowing you to capture creative and expressive ideas while immersed in perfect sound. Disconnect and dive deeper into your moment of creativity.”

In terms of design, the headphones are the same as the existing TMA-2 Studios, with a modular build so each part can be replaced if and when they break.

The TMA-2 Studio Wireless+ cost £300 and will be available from January 2022. Find out more on the AIAIAI website

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