Sander van Doorn remakes Mac Zimms 90s hit ‘L’Annonce Des Couleurs’: Listen

On a roll this year, Sander van Doorn isn’t slowing down. This time he unveils ‘L’Annonce Des Couleurs,’ another huge track from his rolodex of IDS.

This year more than ever, Sander van Doorn has proven that he’s back and ready to take over the clubs once more. So far in 2023, he has seen releases on David Guetta and MORTEN‘s Future Rave label with ‘On A Roll‘, as well as tracks ‘Let It Drop‘ and Armada debut ‘Sunlight.’ Now, its time for his trance-inspired track ‘L’Annonce Des Couleurs‘ to take centre stage.

Released on Spinnin’ Records, ‘L’Annonce Des Couleurs’ takes inspiration from the 90s track by Mac Zimms of the same name, a huge hit back in the day that Sander van Doorn is determined to bring back into the spotlight with his fresh, modern twist. Of course, when you take the production prowess of van Doorn and such a beloved 90s trance classic, the result is bound to be explosive, and that it is. Euphoric melodies blended with rushes of pure adrenaline, ‘L’Annonce Des Couleurs’ will no doubt create a frenzy on the dancefloor, or main stages at festivals around the world.

Another huge release this year for van Doorn, we can’t wait for what else he has up his sleeve. For now though, stream the newest single here or on Spotify below.

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