Prolific electronic musician Simon Carter (Studio-X vs. Simon Carter, SD-KRTR, Narconic, Humans Can’t Reboot) started to release music under his solo name earlier this year. His approach to this project is to mainly have fun; even on his Bandcamp page description does it state that it is, “Not to be taken too seriously!” Which is why his first single released is called “Oh Yeah” with the cover art featuring the Kool-Aid Man bursting through a wall in signature pose. Since this project has started he’s been on a bit of a roll, having now released a total of five doubles and one maxi-single. This includes his most recent two-track release simply titled “Simon”. Simon Carter attaches to industrial techno for this release and includes two versions of the song; one that’s “Deep” and one that’s “Dirty”. I would not, however, label this release as an “attempt” at industrial techno; this is a fulfilling release filled with dark, club riddled beats. 

‘Simon (Deep)’ sticks true to its name as it has a bass line containing these deep and steady drops. Plenty of samples from an unknown source scream lines such as “Simon get down!” which adds a bit of tension to the single. I don’t think that it makes a difference that they’re in there; if those samples were gone the track would still be just as enjoyable. There are plenty of twists and turns throughout the track’s run as well, making that six-minute and fifty-five second length thoroughly enjoyable. 

The second track on the double is less industrial techno and more acid techno; there’s no way that anyone’s going to tell me that this version of the song wasn’t inspired by Lords of Acid’s infamous hit, the theme song from Mortal Kombat. It screams fight music through and through and the bassline is somewhat similar to what I hear in that track. Nonetheless, it maintains its own identity while sounding as if it should be a song for an underground fight club…Which, of course, no one should talk about. Once again, the long length of the song is well deserved considering the effort Simon Carter puts in to make sure the track stays fresh. 

Simon Carter is simply one of the finest producers working in the industry right now; he’s a pure mentalist when it comes to electronic music and his production is top notch. He’s able to tackle a wide variety of genres and crush them with a club twist. If you haven’t heard of him before, now’s the time to seek him out. Eight out of ten! 

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