Strange Fruits Music, Steve Void & Koosen Release Summer Jam

Strange Fruits Music has emerged as one of the world’s most interesting and exciting movements of the last year as the music group shot into the stratosphere at lightspeed. Strange Fruits Music has turned heads across major labels and music media, making news and racking up a following that puts them at the very summit of the digital music industry. Perhaps the biggest example of new media and futuristic creativity catapulting to global prominence in dance music in 2021 – the label, group and affiliated artists are making tidal waves across the industry. Their latest release, a collaboration between label regulars Steve Void and Koosen is a melon-fresh reimagining of the classic ‘Summer Jam’ that springboards the iconic vocal hook into a sultry modern House cut that is 100% dancefloor material.

Merging high level production ethics with a clear understanding of commercial dance music production ethics and a quality ensemble of modern House music synths and basslines that dip toes into the likes of Slap House, Future House, Tropical House and other in-form varieties of what comprises the Strange Fruits Music vibe for this stellar vocal single. With sliding bass tones, gorgeous clean melodic work and immaculate mix and mastering foundations, the single showcases exactly why Strange Fruits Music and their creative entourage have found a home at the top of the food chain in dance music. The vocal is given a new timbre and tone to fit the popular dance music trends of 2021and 2022 resulting in a radio-ready hit record that is picking up attention in droves both from fans and industry peers alike.

‘SUMMER JAM’ brings the heat to warm up even the coldest atmospheres. This is high-level and cool production work that’d turn an ice cube into a mojito and bring out the good vibes at any party spot, be that on the mainstage or the solitude of headphones. The #MelonArmy movement is kicking into gear as we turn towards a new year and with the trajectory of this juicy project clear for all to see, the watermelon might just be the new official fruit of the dance music industry.


Out now to stream and purchase on all leading digital music platforms.



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