Techno Airlines Celebrates the 100th AIRCAST!

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Techno Airlines continues to merge the worlds of music, taking music enthusiasts on a spectacular musical journey every Sunday. Today, as we proudly celebrate our 100th AIRCAST series, we want to share this special moment with you and extend an invitation for you to take the stage with us!

Have you ever heard of our SoundCloud series called “AIRCAST“? If not, it’s really a great time for you to check out this series. We are proud to reach our 100th AIRCAST on SoundCloud!

We want to share and celebrate this special moment with our valued listeners. You can see a preview of our SoundCloud series below;

This series started with Anfisa Letyago, and now the 100th AIRCAST continues as a great collaboration with Ferhat Albayrak, one of the important doyen of the techno music industry in the world, both to celebrate our 100th AIRCAST series and to coincide with Christmas week. We are eagerly waiting for you to listen to this set by Ferhat Albayrak and listen to your valuable comments.

So, What is This AIRCAST?

It is a series where countless DJs around the world offer a 1-hour musical feast on the SoundCloud page of Techno Airlines. Yes, you didn’t hear wrong; if you want, you may have the opportunity to share your mixes on our page if you contact us.

The sets shared on Techno Airlines SoundCloud page every Sunday are filled with dynamic and impactful sounds that push the boundaries of music. These weekly musical odysseys provide listeners with unforgettable and unique moments.

Selections of Our AIRCAST Series


AIRCAST 063 | Ramiro Lopez

AIRCAST 018 | Memfisa

AIRCAST 020 | Nakadia

AIRCAST 099 | Acid Asian

AIRCAST 100 | Ferhat Albayrak (Celebration & Special Christmas Mix)

Istanbul-born and based Ferhat Albayrak is one of the true pioneers of techno in his territory. Istanbul, a city of chaos and diversity, reflects and forms the basics of Ferhat’s Sound in terms of dynamism: distinctive, seductive, innovative and technologic with soul. He has been a passionate techno-head since the beginning, and techno is the best genre for him to express himself in the object of the beat.

He has been heavily supported by Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin, and Adam Beyer, who play and release his music consistently, and share the same stage several times. Ferhat also runs his own label, Jeton Records est. in 2009, became the first and the biggest international imprint coming out from the region and also managed to be the biggest techno promoter in his own country.

How to Participate?

Visit our SoundCloud page here or contact us at [email protected] to express your interest.

We present you this beautiful mix and wish you to stay with techno and Techno Airlines in this beautiful time of Christmas spirit. Happy New Year!

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