Techno is the music least effective at reducing anxiety, a new study has found. 

A new study by Vera Clinic, a Turkish-based cosmetic transplant company, has found that techno music is the least relaxing genre of music.

For the study, Vera Clinic provided 1540 volunteers aged between 18 and 65 with a Spotify playlist featuring techno tracks, as well as dubstep, ’70s rock, heavy metal, pop and more.

ECG monitors were used to track the participant’s heart rate and blood pressure levels, giving an insight into the anxiety levels of listeners. The results showed that when listening to techno, 78% of volunteers had an increase in blood pressure. In comparison, Doctor Ömer Avlanmış, who conducted the study, noticed that ’80s pop music increased “feelings of happiness and calm”.

Last year, a new study suggested that prehistoric monument Stonehenge was built to amplify sound.

In June, research released by the National Journal of Nurses revealed that music playing in an operating theatre puts patients at risk, hampering communications between surgeons and nurses.