Teknovore – Anachronist

Though covered in his collaborations with J:Dead in the past, Teknovore has never received his own tangible introduction, so I’ll remedy that. This is the solo industrial-techno project of George Klontzas (formerly of Preemptive Strike 0.1, Croona) which was formed in 2020. The project swiftly gained attention in the dark electro scene due to Klontzas’ mastercraft in heavy electronics, his collaboration with J:Dead, and the singles ‘Olethros’ and ‘Take Me Away’. It wasn’t long after that Teknovore was picked up by Infacted Recordings. This partnership has led to the release of Teknovore’s brand-new EP “Anachronist”, which is a downright slamming ballad of industrial electronics and collaborative pursuit. 
The EP begins with the title track ‘Anachronist’ and features guitars, programming, and vocals from RNZR. The industrial-techno beats Teknovore has become known for do not take long to show their face. After a short twenty-some second intro, the slamming and earthquake-worthy bassline hits hard. Cybernetic samples of a glitchy voice play throughout the song as dark electro lines run their course. The vocals are a combination of robotic sounding chords and classic harsh EBM whisper screams. Though I rarely hear them anymore, when they’re done well my inner cybergoth comes out. Both Teknovore and RNZR should be proud of what they’ve accomplished on this single; it’s fantastic. 
Dark Soho is not a band that I’ve ever personally studied but listening to the original version of ‘SAVE ME GOD’ compared to Teknovore’s cover of it is night and day. Once again, the beats are hard and unforgiving yet energetic and pumping. Guest collaborator Siva Six lend their vocals to the song and give off enraged screams throughout. It’s a booming four-on-the-floor cover that, in my opinion, beats out the original version. Tagged onto the EP are two remixes from XOTOX and Aircrash Bureau. XOTOX edits the song down to three-minutes and thirty-five seconds but keep the deep bass alive. Rather than clenching onto the reverberating drops on the original, XOTOX brings forth punchier mechanics for their version. Its quite a fun trip. Aircrash Bureau transforms the opening moments of the track into an ambient fiasco, making me think I was about to enter a Blade Runner inspired universe. However, that was swiftly tucked under the sheets as I entered an acid techno fueled, high BPM blast. The only thing I didn’t like about this remix was just how buried the vocals were; I wish they were more upfront in the mix. 
Therefore, the review comes to an end. “Anachronist” is simply a showcase for what’s in store for us when Teknovore launches their forthcoming album “The Theseus Paradox”. And, if it’s anything to go by, it’s going to be amazing. Eight out of ten! 

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