The Avicii Experience exhibition will open in Stockholm in February

The Avicii Experience exhibition is set to open in Stockholm on 26th February. 

Billed as an immersive and interactive journey through the life and work of the producer, real name Tim Bergling, visitors can expect a chronicle of his career, from early beginnings as a bedroom music maker, to EDM superstar. 

The venue has been confirmed as Space, a new address designed for exhibitions that focus on music and gaming, which suggests a heavy leaning towards interactive elements. Memorabilia, photos, and unreleased music are among the exhibition’s confirmed contents, alongside an early version of ‘Levels’, Avicii’s breakthrough track and arguably his most recognised.

A percentage of proceeds will go to the Tim Bergling Foundation, established in the wake of the eponymous artist’s death in 2018, with a goal of increasing awareness around mental health and suicide in young people.

“Tim would have been incredibly proud to be represented like this. The mix of a new digital take in combination with a classic museum would have appealed to him,” said Klas Bergling, Tim’s father and founder of the Tim Bergling Foundation. In late 2021, Bergling spoke about the need for greater mental health support for young music artists.

Tickets for The Avicii Experience exhibition are available here.  

Last year, official Avicii biography was published. In December, a tribute concert was held at Avicii Arena in Stockholm, which was renamed from the Ericsson Globe in tribute earlier in 2021. 

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