The WLT teams up with OANA for new single ‘You Won’t Forget Me’: Listen

For fans and artists around the world, music is truly the universal language, transcending borders, sexuality, skin color, and beyond as it reaches and connects with the masses. As The WLT continues to build upon her already strong career, she looks to inject her Romanian language into her musical output.

Fans of trance music will be familiar with The WLT as her releases via Find Your Harmony, AVA, and Future Sound of Egypt have helped her build a global audience and gain the attention of some of the biggest names in electronic music. Of those producers is none other than Armin van Buuren who chose her newest release for inclusion in his epic UNTOLD 2023 set. Now, five months, You Won’t Forget Me is finally being released globally, in both English as well as her native Romanian, the version which Armin played to commemorate the moment in her home country.

Discussing her excitiment of hearing her track played from the MainStage of UNTOLD, as well as collaborating with OANA, The WLT had this to say:

This collaboration with OANA is one of the most special and important production of mine because its has two versions and so far, even most of my listeners don’t understant my nativ language, the Romanian version is their favorite! “Nu Ma Vei Uita” has been played as an ID by Armin van Buuren for the first time during his Untold Mainstage live set last summer! This track is a message for all the trancers all over the world reminding them that music will always save them and be by their side no matter what, so all trance lovers have been my inspiration for this one!

No matter which language fans choose to listen to, You Won’t Forget Me truly captures the beauty and power of music and how it reaches the masses. From the moment the driving percussion and synths hit, listeners are truly ensnared in the energy and melodies that define the single. The vocals arrive at the one minute and fifty-second mark, but the beauty of the lyrics and delivery make them well worth the wait. The soaring refrain of “I’ll be yours tonight, forever if you’ll let me, tell me that you won’t forget me,” is as insatiable and emotional as any that the dance genre has ever delivered and the impact can be felt in both English and Romanian.

While 2024 still has a long way to go, The WLT and OANA are truly making a case as earlier frontrunners for one of the top releases of the year. Check out the incredible single, You Won’t Forget Me below.

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