TIMMY TRUMPET brings the heat with new banger “CARDIO”

It’s time to work hard, play hard, as an international man of mayhem Timmy Trumpet brings his smashing ‘Cardio’ to the Spinnin’ Records airwaves. Fueled by moody beats, rousing vocals, and of course a company of uplifting horns, ‘Cardio’ is a record that’s made to get your blood pumping. If not at a festival, then a power hour workout class, as Timmy Trumpet aims to lift everyone’s spirits with this instantly feel-good gem.

‘Cardio’ surely lives up to expectations. Kicking off with moody synth pads and upwinding, pitched vocals, emphasizing the fact that ‘all we do is work hard, play hard’. The vibe then moves to house territory, bringing out tasty basslines and spacious percussion. Following a sweet drum fill, the beat drops in full effect, working towards Timmy’s characteristic horns and living it up with feelgood melodies, while the vocals keep you moving with “nonstop cardio”.

It’s a party tune for sure, but even if there might not be a fully charged dancefloor near you at the moment, ‘Cardio’ definitely brings a slice of festival ecstasy to your home, beach, or straight-up cardio session. Timmy Trumpet, known for dropping the right tune at the right moment, does it again with a tasty workout that superbly hits the spot

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