Vessbroz Interview with Blasterjaxx on their show, ElectroVessel [VIDEO]

The Vessbroz are a dance music duo consisting of Armia and Arsham who have proven themselves as being one of the most exciting acts to breakthrough into the EDM mainstream. With their sound focused on the clubs, some of their releases include hits such as ‘Follow Me’ which gained the support of Hardwell and subsequently released on Revealed Recordings and more recently ‘In The Dark’ and Let Me In Tonight’ that generated quite the buzz after being released on the iconic Spanish dance label Blanco y Negro.

Vessbroz have also developed and built up their very own radio show called ElectroVessel where they welcome a roster of star-studded guests each week including the likes of DJs From Mars, Mike Williams and BEAUZ. They celebrated their 100th episode with the legendary Blasterjaxx with a sensational guest mix. Armia and Arsham also sat down with on half of Blasterjaxx, Thom Jongkind to discuss what Covid-19 has meant for the music industry along with some top tips on how to make an income during the pandemic and alternative income streams for artists in general, providing a real insight into artist life behind the DJ desk.

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