Virtual DJ Kàra Màr drops the first AI generated LP

It’s the first public appearance of Kàra Màr, who, as part of Sensorium Galaxy metaverse, will perform ever-changing generative music along with world-famous DJs like David Guetta, Carl Cox, and Armin van Buuren. Apart from performing, Kàra Màr will also focus on interacting with fans, pioneering the concept of Social AI-driven artists. 

When offstage, Kàra Màr, as well as other Sensorium’s AI-driven artists, will be permanently available to communicate with fans via text chats and video calls in Sensorium Galaxy mobile app

Sensorium virtual artists have been in development since last November. While Mubert’s proprietary technology empowered these creatures to generate a constant flow of ever-changing music, Sensorium has equipped them with virtual bodies, intelligence, and social skills. 

Driven by a unique combination of genetic AI and reinforcement learning, Sensorium’s virtual DJs are able to support unscripted thought-provoking conversations. They can talk for hours without losing track of context and possess both long-term and short-term memory. What’s more, the personalities of these virtual beings constantly evolve through interactions with users. This process unfolds naturally and unpredictably without any interference from developers. 

“Increasingly more creators embrace direct communications with their fans via live streams on Instagram and other channels. We take this a step further by allowing fans to dive deeper into the interactions with their favorite artists. AI-driven Social Artists are able to dedicate quality time to every single fan, listening, responding, and adapting to their individual preferences, thereby ushering in a new era in music,” says Sasha Tityanko, Deputy CEO at Sensorium.

Each one of Sensorium’s Social Artists has its own signature performance style and a distinct personality based on a virtual biography. Kàra Màr, for instance, is a non-binary AI-researcher and techno DJ from Berlin, bringing their fascination for AI to all musical productions. The name of their first album “Anthropic principle” reflects the main concept behind it, alluding to the idea that the universe needs an observer to exist. In their music Kàra Màr reinterprets this principle from a VR perspective, raising the question “what if an AI is an observer of the metaverse?”. 

In a suite of 8 pieces, Kàra Màr weaves a canvas out of abstract questions. The restless artificial mind keeps on asking — what do you, people, feel listening to my music? You created me, but now I am able to initiate research about you. It is an experiment on humanity by AI. 

Paul Zgordan, Music Director at Mubert: “Mubert was responsible for creating a unique musical experience. We fulfilled one of our main tasks: nurturing a connection between the crowd and the DJ, so the artist’s performance corresponds to the audience’s mood on the dancefloor. Now we are excited to experiment and improve our product further using DJs-users interactions in the metaverse as an inspiration”.

Fans will soon be able to experience Kàra Màr’s performances live in PRISM – one of Sensorium Galaxy’s virtual worlds dedicated to extraordinary music events.  Sensorium Galaxy is scheduled to go live in several months, while the Sensorium app is already available for download.

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