WATCH: helloworld Debuts Stunning Music Video for “Heartpiece”

helloworld, the sonic brainchild of producer and singer-songwriter Drew Wilken, debuts his brand new single “Heartpiece” with accompanying music video by Stumbling Productions. The video, which debuted today, follows an armored Wilken embarking on a quest of love through lush foliage and gorgeous castle scenery.

With a penchant for blending forward-thinking pop and 8-bit instrumentation, helloworld’s sound is best described as future nostalgia. In his first single of the calendar year, “Heartpiece” sees the creative wearing his heart on his sleeve. Emotionally poignant through its swelling synths and effervescent vocal performance, “Heartpiece” is a raw ballad.

Commenting on the track, helloworld said: “Lyrically, the song came together so easily. We loved the idea of taking inspiration from Tears of the Kingdom and Legend of Zelda – where Link is constantly looking for Zelda to save her, comparing it to something that is totally unattainable that we all try to find in our own lives. For me, it was ‘the perfect girl’ or fame, money. I wanted to shape this song to be a ballad about constantly looking for this thing in the sky that you can’t reach, and you know you can’t reach it, but you find yourself waking up every day, treading oceans and climbing mountains for it. Something that doesn’t exist. Perfect doesn’t exist. This, to me, is the beginning of a journey – the start of a quest.”

Watch “Heartpiece” below on YouTube.

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WATCH: helloworld Debuts Stunning Music Video for “Heartpiece”

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