Watch South London rapper KAM-BU perform in augmented reality

We’re excited to share a batch of updates to Crack XR – our experimental mixed-reality performance platform which we’ve been building for the past 18 months.

Today, breakthrough South London rapper KAM-BU lands on the app with a performance of ‘10 Toes’ taken from his hard-hitting EP Black On Black which dropped in the summer. Confronting subjects like youth club closures and the lack of opportunities for young people across a propulsive, forward-thinking production.

Welcoming collaborators as wide-ranging as Kurisu, Leon Vynehall, Venna, Knucks and HYLNU, KAM-BU is clearly an artist looking outward – opening his sound and vision up to new sounds, new voices and new ideas. So we’re excited to host him on our digital playground for outsider sounds and immersive performances.

Dressed CP Company with Prada footwear, KAM-BU’s performance was captured, rendered and brought to life by newly established technology company Good Measure Studio, production company Ground Work and Oliver Ellmers creative technology company Pretty Lucky

For now, the app is only available on iOS and you’ll need a WiFi connection to download the performances.

Download Crack XR here. And we’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas as we continue to explore this technology, email us at [email protected].

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