What’s In Our Inbox? #78

Sonologyst : Interdimensional
Dark ambient / drone project Sonologyst has released his brand-new album “Interdimensional” via record label Cold Spring. This is the third album in a trilogy that began with “Silencers” and followed up by “Ancient Death Cults And Beliefs”. All three albums are inspired by what is beyond the boundaries of space and science. The six-track album is available for purchase now in both digital and limited edition CD formats. You can stream / purchase below:

Computer : Societal Detachment
Noisemakers Computer has released their new album “Societal Detachment” in digital and limited-edition CD formats. The project combines rhythmic industrial elements, loops, and what they describe as robotic no-wave guitar noise in their production. Computer combines the talents of Zona Zanjeros (Guitar, Voice, Samples, Lyrics), Steven Sanguine (Voice on Unsatisfied), Joey the Rat (Assistant), Jim Moon (Production on Holy Man, Quick to Submit), with mixing and mastering by Timeless. You can stream / purchase the album below:

Ritualz : DOSE
Dark electronic producer Ritualz has released his latest maxi-single “DOSE”. This is the third single off of his upcoming album “RADICAL MACABRO” due out in 2022. The maxi-single includes remixes from SØLVE and Lana del Rabies, a cover of Queenadreena’s ‘RAZEORBLADE SKY’, two more remixes and a new song. Speaking on the single, Ritualz stated that it is about “getting on psychiatric medication to manage depression and anxiety and the defeat it signifies to the idea of ‘being normal’.” You can stream / purchase the single directly below:

BlakLight : Paranoid (Rob Dust’s Strange Remix)
Synthpop duo BlakLight has released a remix of ‘Paranoid’, which is the second single off of their forthcoming double remix album “Out Of The Void – The Remixes” due out on March 18th. The original version of ‘Paranoid’ comes off of the band’s second album “Into The Void”. It is remixed by musician (FORM), producer (Beyond Border, Vanguard) and remixer (Camouflage, De/Vision) Rob Dust, and includes a bonus instrumental version exclusively on Bandcamp. You can stream / purchase the single below:

Vaselyne : Here To Begin
Darkwave / goth duo Vaselyne have released their brand new EP “Here To Begin” on Bandcamp and other major digital retailers. For the title track, Vaselyne utilized Winkler’s vocals and Weyzig’s guitar work in a more folk-driven fashion. Lynette Cerezo of Bestial Mouths provides guest vocals on the single. A second song, ‘Riding The Wave’, appears and features flute from Rina Vervoort. The EP also comes with instrumentals of both songs, and an acoustic demo of the title track. Stream / purchase below:

Beyond the Ghost : Sundown
Beyond the Ghost has announced that his next dark ambient / space ambient album “Sundown” will be released on April 5th, 2022 via record label Cryo Chamber. The story on the album is set in Rome in the year 2062. As Europe falls apart, Alliance soldiers fight the resistance, others hide away in bombed houses, some starve, and so on and so forth. The album is presented in both digital and limited edition CD formats. You can stream / purchase it directly below.

Nargathrond : A Real Nightmare
Synthwave / metal project Nargathrond has released their debut full-length album “A Real Nightmare” in both digital and limited-edition CD formats. This is a concept album following a young couple who visit an old theater and watch a horror movie. They themselves get sucked into the movie, however, and must face off with the slasher in the fictional film, Alastair “Soulburner” Marshall. You can stream / purchase the album directly below.

Resin Sun : Home
Industrial / alternative project Resin Sun has released their brand-new single ‘Home’. Inspired by recent nightmares, the single explores being trapped somewhere and never being able to return home. The project takes inspiration from various legends such as Skinny Puppy, Ministry, FLA, and Sisters of Mercy. You can stream / purchase the single directly below:

Panic Priest : Second Seduction
Darkwave / synthpop artist Panic Priest has re-issued his album “Second Seduction” on vinyl via Midnight Mannequin Records. The new vinyl version comes in three formats. Bloom and Decay is on translucent ghost white vinyl with black, white, and baby blue splatter; the Kiss Me Dead edition is pressed on ghost white vinyl; and the Doused in Pain edition is pressed on translucent purple vinyl. All are limited edition and can be purchased / streamed below.

Holon : Paths Diverge
Atmospheric cyberpunk producer Holon has released his brand-new album “Paths Diverge” in digital formats via Bandcamp. The eight-track album serves as a follow-up to his previous album “The Evolution of Complexity”, which was just released in March of 2022. Holon has described the album as having a “more personal, subdued approach” to his cyberpunk sound. You can stream / purchase the album directly below. 

Filmmaker : Fictional Portrayals
Industrial / EBM producer Filmmaker has announced that their latest album “Fictional Portrayals” will be out on April 22nd, 2022 via record label Veyl. The eight-track album was written and recorded in Filmmaker’s home country of Colombia, and brings a raw edge to the instrumentals. The album will be available in both digital and limited edition vinyl formats. You can pre-order and stream the album below.

Manchester-based experimental, noise, and dark ambient artist She The Throne has released their brand new two-track album “WHISPER A RED VOICE”. The first movement on the album is a seventeen-some minute piece incorporating elements of drone and dark ambient music. The second piece is described as a “nightmarish rave and harsh noise” piece. You can stream / purchase the album in digital and limited edition cassette formats below. 

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