MP.XL and Rio.XL, the impressive duo of XL Syndicate deliver the ultimate track titled “Long Way.” The new single can be interpreted in many ways, but the artists were mainly inspired by the concept of endurance and taking the long and hard way instead of the short and easy one.

They explain that “You can take the long way which might be harder, longer and have challenges but you can emerge stronger or you can take the fast way where things come easier at first but you realize it may not have been the best choice in the long run.”

For “Long Way,”  XL Syndicate revealed that they “knew we wanted to put something out that resonated with people on a few different levels so we took our time with putting together the right combination of melodies and sounds until we got a vibe and energy that really stood out. Once we started collaborating we went back and forth a few times with ideas that emerged into what the song is today.”

Growing up, XL Syndicate have been exposed to many different genres, including Soca, Reggae, R&B, and Hip-Hop. Elements of those styles can be heard in “Long Way” that not only stands out with its unique beats but also with its inspiring lyrics, “Took the long way/ yeah/ In case there’s really no such thing as always/You make forever feel like an open doorway/What would it take to make it last/ Don’t know why I’ve never asked/ Tell me you wanna find our way/ we can find it/ we can find it/ Make it work yeah we’ll find it.”

Listen to “Long Way” here:

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