Yr Lovely Dead Moon drifts through a maritime fever dream in ‘Le Tempestaire’

Rachel Margetts swirls together esoteric incantations and fractured electronics in a potent experimental concoction.

Yr Lovely Dead Moon is the electronic spoken-word project of artist and musician Rachel Margetts, who draws from no-wave, glitch and music concrète to create seething experimental compositions to ground her dense, intoxicating poetics.

Invoking the driving urgency of avant-garde poet and electronic musician Anne Clark and the visceral physicality of Jenny Hval, Margetts whips up a maritime fever dream with ‘Le Tempestaire’, conjuring a surreal landscape through which she drifts in the accompanying video from director Joseph Campbell, who shares production credits on the self-titled debut from which the track is taken.

Yr Lovely Dead Moon

Riffing on the oceanic setting of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Campbell follows Margetts through salt, mud and sea foam, as a crystal ball and a mystic campfire project back the artist’s own anxieties and urges, incantatory verse merging with skittering percussion and head-shrinking synthesis in a heady blend of somnambulist sonics.

Shot on location in the north-east of England, the video expands and develops themes running through the album, as, in the words of John Loveless, “mystical figures emerge from murky watery depths to seek transcendence, resisting the temptation to retreat back from the conflict,” as “the desire for change sits alongside the often bittersweet acceptance of one’s limits.”

Yr Lovely Dead Moon

‘Le Tempestaire’ is taken from Yr Lovely Dead Moon, the first full-length album to be released on Hot Concept, the Berlin-based label from DJ and producer John Loveless.

Back in September of last year Loveless released a throbbing remix of another track from the album, ‘Physical Corpses’, courtesy of the producer himself working alongside Berlin mainstay Gramrcy.

For more information about Yr Lovely Dead Moon and her work you can visit her website and follow her on Instagram.

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