Tarik Barri and Lea Fabrikant navigate a 3D audiovisual space in an improvisational performance.

Interdisciplinary artist Lea Fabrikant and self-described visual musician Tarik Barri seek to present an image of reality inside an abstract, audiovisual space, transforming it into something that feels organic, but reaches further into the sounds and images they explore than would be possible in a physical setting.

As Zo, the duo employ an intricate system of pre-recorded AV loops, MIDI triggers and creative programming to create a virtual universe of sound and light in real time, exploring this universe in hypnotic, improvised performances. In their own words, the project “expresses, manipulates and responds to the fragility and paradox of a world existing solely as long as it contains expressions of sound and image.”


Ka’et depicts Barri and Fabrikant engaging with this universe, navigating the sounds and images that populate its 3D space. Abstract sound objects represented by beams of hazy light are approached and examined, the tone and speed of which shift according to Barri’s movements.

These fade into recognisable human forms, reverberating loops of Fabrikant singing, imbuing the virtual space with a humanity that over time fades back into the abstract, a process by which she melds “the familiar and the hyper-abstract as they exist side by side.”


The duo’s symbiotic performance style as Zo draws out the journeying qualities of the piece, as Barri moves around a world populated and shaped by Fabrikant’s analogue improvisations.

For more information about Tarik Barri and Lea Fabrikant you can follow Tarik on Instagram and visit Lea’s website.