A new book about '90s dancehall is released next month

A new book about ’90s dancehall is to be released next month.

‘Run The Riddim: The Untold Story Of ’90s Dancehall To The World’ sees London-based writer Marvin Sparks, who is of Jamaican heritage, look at the origins, and the highs and lows, of the genre through his own experiences, as well as through some of the decade’s most essential dancehall riddims. The book will be published through Sparks’ own NoLongStories.

His observations, and the book as a whole, have been pieced together from interviews with more than 30 DJs, producers and other figures from the dancehall scene.

‘Run The Riddim’ is being pressed in limited amounts, and will be available to purchase for just 90 days. You can pre-order the book here ahead of its release on 11th October. 

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