After “WNDR,” Don’t Miss Nova Gholar’s New Single “FRDM”

California-based singer-songwriter, recording artist, and producer Nova Gholar talks about the universal value of freedom in his latest song “FRDM,” a track released with brilliant visuals. Nova Gholar follows-up on his latest drop, “WNDR,” a powerful song and music video visually inspired by African aesthetics. 

With references to Tarantino’s “Django Unchained,” or Richie Havens’ classic song “Freedom,” listeners and viewers might fight more hidden symbols in Nova’s new work. Nova Gholar’s number one artistic asset certainly lies in his original way of blending soul, r&b hip-hop and even African sonorities into his creations, a process that appears as natural as effortless for him. 

The son of a pastor, Nova was early on surrounded by music in the church, and his parents always encouraged the young Nova to play the drums and the piano for his father’s church.

Later on, Nova Gholar worked with Young Money CEO Lil Wayne, and Young Money artists Christina Milian and Lil Twist. Spiritual and organic, Nova Gholar’s music, and particularly his new song “FRDM” is bound to sustain trends thanks to the timeless aspect Nova injects in his creations.   

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