Alfonso Tan’s Explosive Debut on Adesso Music: “You Can’t Stop Me”

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Alfonso Tan makes his Adesso Music debut with the cutting-edge tech house track “You Can’t Stop Me”.

Understand what influenced the artist to produce this track that burns up the dance floors: Since 2021, Alfonso Tan has evolved step by step and is gradually showing that his tech house can speak to different audiences. That’s because he manages to combine his personal style with classic house grooves and more electrifying sounds – exactly what he shows in “You Can’t Stop Me”, by Adesso Music.

  • Artist Name: Alfonso Tan
  • Release Name/s: “You Can’t Stop Me”
  • Record Label: Adesso Music

Who is Alfonso Tan?

Known for his talent in mixing styles such as house, tech house, deep house, disco, nu-disco, and occasionally techno, Alfonso Tan comes from Seattle’s vibrant electronic music scene and has released on labels such as Late Night Munchies, Uniting Souls Music, Cartel Collective and Build It Records. This release is just the latest in a string of achievements he has racked up, including performances at major festivals and underground events, as well as collaborations with big names like VNSSA, Moon Boots, Sage Armstrong, and DJ Minx. He has made his mark in major US cities such as New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles, as well as expanding his reach internationally with gigs in Antwerp.

Adesso Music Debut

Officially released on June 7th, 2024, by Adesso Music, “You Can’t Stop Me” is a real whirlwind of sound. It features magnetic female vocals that float gently over powerful beats. The pulsating bass and ethereal synthesizers create an atmosphere that seems to transport listeners to a cosmic rave. Every element of the song is meticulously crafted to keep the energy high, making it the perfect soundtrack for peak time at any party.

This is yet another sample of his unparalleled talent for creating innovative and irresistibly danceable sounds, further solidifying his place as a name to watch in the electronic scene.

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