Multidisciplinary artist Sal Stapleton debuts a new musical moniker.

‘Rush’ is the first glimpse of a new musical project from multidisciplinary artist and frequent Eomac collaborator Sal Stapleton. Speaking about the new project, Stapleton explains: “ALYXIS is a non-binary entity. ALYXIS is a comforting inner voice. ALYXIS wants you to be kind and confident. ALYXIS encourages you to resist. ALYXIS is the best part of all of us.”


Made in collaboration with Bedroom Community’s Valgeir Sigurðsson, ‘Rush’ is an ornate and theatrical foray into sample-heavy synth pop, with Stapleton’s ethereal vocals tempering an urgent, hiccuping instrumental. “‘Rush’ is about being stuck in that damaging, self-destructive loop,” they explain. “Frustration. Repetitive acts. Movements that lead us away from ourselves. And if we continue on this path, we fade, our future self grows further away from us. Inner voice, trying to break through we must let our past selves turn to dust.”


According to ALYXIS, who also created the video, ‘Rush’ is “set in a dream digital ecosystem called XOIOXO, where ALYXIS lives. XOIOXO is a mouldable world that we can connect to and control in our dreams. The energy you bring to it, in whatever form, is transformed once it enters XOIOXO, and lives there forever.” 

‘Rush’ is the title track from ALYXIS’ debut EP. The single is out on March 29, followed by the full EP on April 16. For more information about ALYXIS you can follow them on Instagram.