Andrew Weatherall’s remixes for Heavenly Recordings compiled on new album

Andrew Weatherall’s remixes for Heavenly Recordings have been compiled on a new album, which will land on Friday 28th January. 

Comprising two parts — ‘Heavenly Remixes 3 — Andrew Weatherall Volume 1’ and ‘Heavenly Remixes 4 — Andrew Weatherall Volume 2’ — the track list includes a host of household names from the electronic, indie, and alternative rock worlds. Original songs by Sly & Lovechild, Mark Lanegan Band, Saint Etienne, Gwenno, The Orielles, Doves, TOY, and Espiritu all feature, as re-thought by the late UK DJ, producer, artist, and musician. 

“Andrew fed more Heavenly bands through the mixing desk than those of any other label. Consistently, he returned visionary music to the office, often in person for (at least) one ceremonial playback — a ritual that would involve the volume cranked up high and Andrew rocking back on his heels, eyes closed, lost in the alchemy of it all,” wrote Heavenly Recordings’ Robin Turner, author of the book ‘Believe in Magic: 30 Years of Heavenly Recordings’. 

“Each time, he would warp and twist originals into beautiful new shapes — elasticated club records that might evoke Detroit techno one second and Throbbing Gristle the next, before wheel-spinning into something akin to The Fall produced by King Tubby,” he continued. “Andrew’s studio adventures would always be guided by that early advice to destroy the source material. It’s why he was the first name that came up when remixes were discussed; the first number on the speed dial. Listening back to these remixes now — to thirty years of glorious outsider sounds — it bangs home again just how fucking good Andrew was.” 

Andrew Weatherall died on 17th February 2020, aged 56, leading to an outpouring of tributes from across the music and arts world, and beyond. Revisit DJ Mag’s obituary, and listen to the EP released by his brother, Ian Weatherall, and Duncan Gray, in his honour, which raised money for the charity Thrombosis UK. 

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