The Berlin court has overturned restrictions for indoor club events – but only for those who are vaccinated or have recovered from Covid-19.

The blanket ban on indoor club events in Berlin has been repealed, but the easing of restrictions won’t apply to everyone. Vaccinated people and those who’ve recently recovered from the virus will be able to gain entry into clubs. The announcement was made today (20 August).

Negative tests will not be sufficient for club entry, the court argues, as it won’t provide club-goers with increased levels of protection.

A number of restrictions on clubs and events were lifted on 18 June. After a series of successful trials, outdoor events with dancing were allowed to return. The 12pm to 5am alcohol ban was also lifted for restaurants, bars and clubs.

According to data4life, there were 475 confirmed new cases of Covid-19 in Berlin on 19 August.

(via rbb24)