Boys Noize drops two '90s rave inspired remixes of REIN: Listen

Boys Noize has unveiled two brand new remixes for Swedish artist REIN.

The DJ and producer, fresh from the release of this year’s ‘+/-‘ album, has taken on the tracks ‘REINCARNATED’ and ‘RELEASE ME’, from REIN’s latest album, also titled ‘REINCARNATED’.

His remixes fuse various elements of ’90s rave, techno and house. You can listen to them below.

Speaking about the remixes in a statement, REIN said: “This is a dream come true for me to be able to work with Boys Noize. I have listened to him since I was in my early twenties with songs such as ‘Cerebral’ with Pilo and ‘Openn’ with Atom TM. I love how he combines EBM with techno and makes it sound fresh.

“He knows Carli Löf, the co-producer I worked with on my ‘REINCARNATED’ album, and I had an idea of Boys Noize remixing or dub mixing some tracks from the album. All of the songs have potential to be club bangers. So I decided to write to him on Instagram and I didn’t expect him to answer me but he did and he loved the album and now we are here and I still can’t believe it!”

Earlier this year, Boys Noize contributed a free sound pack to Garageband’s iOS app.

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