Casio launches new voice synth and keyboard

Casio has launched two new keyboard products aimed at synthesizing vocals. The products were teased by Casio over the past few weeks, with a vocode-style soundtrack hinting at what the new products were designed for. According to Casio: “The CT-S1000V is the first vocal synthesiser that can literally turn any text — such as song lyrics — into a musical phrase and then ‘sing’ it in full harmony based on any notes played on its keys.”

Using the LyricCreator app, users can type in any text they want and it’ll be synthesised by the S1000V. They can then play the melody using the keys. There are 22 vocal styles, including talkboxes, processed choirs, robot voices, vocoders and whispered voices. There are also standard synth and synthesised sounds with 800 presets and 64 voice polyphony. There are also built-in speakers for on-the-go playing, Bluetooth wireless audio, a built-in sampler and quarter-inch outputs. 

The S500V removes the vocal aspect but keeps the sounds, wireless audio and a six-track song recorder for layering parts. 

The S1000V costs £429 while the 500V will cost £379. Visit the Casio website for more details and find out more about the 1000V in the video below. 

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