Charlotte de Witte breathes new life into Push’s 90s trance classic ‘Universal Nation’

Belgium’s techno sensation, Charlotte de Witte, once again showcases her mastery in the electronic music scene, delivering a striking rework of Push’s iconic 90s trance anthem, ‘Universal Nation.’ The original, a 1998 release, swiftly earned its place as a timeless classic, captivating listeners with ethereal melodies and infectious energy.

In a recent announcement, Charlotte de Witte unveiled her latest venture, Époque, a label that boldly navigates the past while embracing the future of electronic music. Époque seeks to pay homage to electronic music’s roots, introducing timeless tunes to a new generation. The label envisions creating an immersive experience inspired by discotheque culture, aligning seamlessly with the release of ‘Universal Nation.’

The rework effortlessly blends modern techno with trance and hard trance elements, infusing the timeless essence of old-school trance. Charlotte de Witte skillfully bridges genres, creating a transformative remix that retains the original’s spirit while injecting a contemporary edge, ensuring its relevance on today’s dance floors.

Époque’s dedication to preserving the essence of electronic music’s golden era aligns perfectly with Charlotte de Witte’s reimagining of ‘Universal Nation.‘ Breathing new life into this classic, she not only pays homage to electronic music’s roots but also introduces it to a fresh audience, bridging the gap between generations of electronic music enthusiasts.

As ‘Universal Nation‘ takes on a new form under Charlotte de Witte’s expert touch, it stands as a testament to the timelessness of electronic music. Her ability to evolve the track while staying rooted in its rich history sets the stage for Époque’s promising journey, where past and present converge, creating a harmonious dance music experience.

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