Johan Gielen reimagines Tomcraft’s ‘Tha Beat’ under Airscape moniker

As summer approaches, so does the desire for the beach, holidays and a driving beat. This and much more is what Dutch producer Johan Gielen gives you this week with an energetic rendition of Tomcraft‘s ‘That Beat’. The remix is now available on all major streaming and download platforms via Magik Musik.

Johan Gielen is trance. In a career spanning more than thirty years, he has contributed brilliantly to electronic dance music, becoming one of the benchmarks of his genre. His repertoire is extensive and solid, with big hits such as ‘Twisted‘ and ‘Beauty of Silence’. Throughout his career, Gielen has worked as a solo artist as well as collaborating on projects such as Airscape, which he continues to bring to life with outstanding productions. The moniker alone carries a lot of weight in the industry. Characterised by an uplifting sound that makes you dream with your eyes open, the name Airscape has already signed a rich discography that includes the remix of Alice Deejay’s ‘The Lonely One‘ and Safri Duo‘s ‘Played-A-Live’.

Now it’s back to the remixes with a unique reinterpretation of Tomcraft’s ‘That Beat’. Commenting on the production of what is sure to be one of the tracks of the season, Johan Gielen said:

“I wanted to create a remix that was both energetic and melodic, something that would appeal to a wide range of listeners.”

And he has succeeded. The original is a pearl of progressive trance that Gielen has managed to coat with new feelings and new rhythms. The intensity and depth of this new tune are palpable from the very first seconds. The bassline is pulsating and cavernous, drawing you into its depths. Airscape is synonymous with dreamy melodies, here honoured with moments of ethereal beauty. Without ever missing a beat, this remix offers space for contemplation, with atmospheric moments meticulously designed to serve as a platform for a magnificent drop. The vocals are perfectly preserved, encapsulated alongside elements that allow them to breathe. The rhythm dances at a hypnotic pace, inviting you to march along. It’s impossible not to dance to this rendition of ‘That Beat’. It’s undoubtedly the beat you want this summer. Listen to it on repeat, below:

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